Out On Main Cakes

Celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or birth? Or maybe you’re getting married in Eureka Springs, the place to be married in the region. We can create a delicious cake to your requirements and tastes; after all, almost any event worth celebrating is better with cake. We specialize in theme birthday cakes and personal-sized wedding cakes. We offer a variety of cake flavors: white, yellow, chocolate, spice, strawberry, lemon and red velvet. While we use fondant for flowers and certain other decorations, we prefer to ice our cakes with a very tasty and unique buttercream frosting made from ingredients not found anywhere else in this state.

We don’t have a bakery store, where cakes are pre-made, but if you want to come and look at our portfolio, sample our frosting and go over the particulars of your order, just call us for an appointment, and we’ll be glad to meet with you. The personal-sized wedding cakes don’t need much advance notice (2 days is sufficient), but larger, more involved cakes need at least a week’s advance notice, please. Pricing is based mostly on the number of servings/overall size and the design. An 8” single layer personal-sized cake is $15.00, while standard cakes start at just $2.50/serving. Complicated designs (like 3D work), fillings, special flavors or unusual ingredients will add to the cost, of course.

We also offer scrumptious baked goods perfect for continental breakfasts or baskets. Breakfast breads (such as Zucchini Nut or Cranberry Pumpkin), muffins (Chocolate/Chocolate Chip or Pumpkin Apple Streusel), biscotti (Almond Cranberry) and coffee cakes (Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip) are a delicious way to start the day.

Take a look at our gallery featuring some of our best previous cake designs. We can work with just about any theme or design you may have in mind; we enjoy a challenge. We hope you’ll consider us for your specialty baking needs….

Let them eat cake!